Why Choose Us?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Visionary entrepreneurship &social responsibility combined

CADER is the fruit of visionary entrepreneurship believed in and supported by Fal Group’s devotion to social responsibility and the ambition of offering a better future for the Arab Youth. Hence, the start of a pioneering company that can serve the Arab education reform and development needs by offering refreshing ideas that lead to change.

We constantly seek to be the absolute best at what we do!

By bringing together our team’s high level of commitment and passion as well as the use of international and regional best practices,CADER produced a winning formula – one that enables principals, teachers, students and community to take pride in their work and achievements as a powerful force for social and economic development.Thanks to our associates long experience and motivation to succeed in a competitiveenvironment, we offer the maximum degree of professionalism aspiring to be your preferred provider of services and a reliable business partner. It is therefore our priority to maintain long term relations with our clients built on mutual openness and a serious, individual approach.

Our Vision for Empowering ChangeAgents®

The vision of empowering individuals is the base of all CADER’s programs. CADER's programs are based on empowering ChangeAgents® who can lead the process of change and reform in their organizations after the professional development program finishes. This process starts with enabling CADER’s Master Trainers who play the role of ChangeAgents® with their trainees. They transfer the effect of their learning to their trainees who in their turn transfer it to the individuals they work with; thus, gradually influence the society at large. To achieve this, CADER supports its target clients to form learning and practice communities that are capable of life-long learning.

Our competitive edge: aperfect fit of PD expertise and technology

Innovation and staying ahead of the emerging needs and latest developments in education, training and utilizing technology is our competitive edge. CADER is a technology-enabled company. We link creativity with technology in delivering integrated training solutions designed to leverage our clients’ capacities. Whether you are looking for expert help with a single training program or seeking a turnkey project service, CADER is your source for innovative training solutions. With CADER, you have a partner who has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to generate customized solutions to meet your specific business needs. In delivering superior training services, CADER gives you learning tools that are attractive, accurate, customer friendly, and structured to maximize benefits. We invite you to discover how you can benefit from the right combination of talents and technologies assembled to meet your specific needs. In transforming concepts into powerful offline and online trainings, CADER utilizes a strategic professional development approach, employing a unique blend of resources.