Our Staff

“I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Abraham Lincoln

CADER is home to a diverse team of professionals. Some of the best minds and talents are a part of our team. Working in concert, our team of associates and trainers are equipped to plan and implement large transformative extensive professional development projects.

CADER invests in a team of 64 full-time Master Trainers who are especially trained to achieve its vision and goals. This team is CADER’s major resource in implementing its professional development programs in the Arab Region. The strength of the Master Trainers lies in their being practitioners from the field of education and in their diverse and multidisciplinary character that draws on international experiences and local expertise in public and private schools from different parts of the country. This diversity positions us to serve a broad range of clients and communities in Jordan and the region. All Master Trainers are MA and PhD holders. The Master Trainers play the role of ChangeAgents who lead change through the programs they implement. They undergo a six-month-professional development program that certifies them as Master Trainers. Part of the training is held in one of the countries renowned for its achievements in the field of education reform and professional development such as The Netherlands and Singapore. Our team of trainers is well-versed in all aspects of professional development, from adult learning to pedagogies, training, facilitation techniques for large and small groups, coaching individuals and teams, dealing with difficult training situations, providing onsite support and leading change projects.

Today, CADER has 85 full-time employees distributed among three main regions in Jordan in five offices.CADER’s headquarters in Amman, houses 20 employees who make up the office team that manages, coordinates and supports all CADER’s operations. In addition, CADER has 64 full-time Master Trainers who are based in the different regions of the country. CADER’s management consciously chose an uncomplicated organizational structure to nurture an effective feedback mechanism. It has a management team of four Managers that oversees its operations under the direct supervision of its GM and Deputy GM. This model sustains CADER’s wide scale of operations all over Jordan and abroad and allows it the flexibility to timely respond to the emergent needs. Moreover, the model is aligned with CADER’s vision of investing in its human capital and empowering the team by giving them more responsibility, autonomy, authority and accountability.

We pride ourselves in our senior associates’ proven track record in effectively administering multiple professional development projects and implementations. Their management experience is informed by direct experience in training educators and in teaching. Additionally, they have experience with large international organizations, having been responsible for the successful implementation of large scale national USAID and other donor-funded projects that span over years.

CADER hires the best people to reach its goals. We believe if we surround ourselves with quality people who seek to thrive and to excel; the company will have a role in creating a better present for our societies and in innovating our future. It is for this reason that we champion the idea of Company investment in human capital, training and trust to encourage employees to always "do the right thing" when at work and in their communities. We believe that investment in human capital is the vehicle to sustainable economic and social prosperity. This is achieved by empowering employees and equipping them with the needed Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge that enable them to respond to their society’s and workplaces needs, be critical thinkers, decision makers and principally knowledge workers.