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CADER holds a conference at INHOLLAND University

Under the patronage of Mrs. Margret De Plankin and Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, President of Yarmouk University, and Dr. Amin Amin, CEO of CADER, ChangeAgent for Arab Development and Education Reform (CADER) held an educational conference at INHOLLAND University in the Netherlands. The Conference comes in celebration of CADER's fifth anniversary and coincides with the training visit of the fifth batch of CADER Master Trainers. The conference highlighted the achievements of CADER in the field of Education in the Arab World and the needs of this field in the Middle East.

Professionals from INHOLLAND University and DELft University, intellectuals from the Arab community in the Netherlands, and a number of CADER friends in Holland who are experienced and creative in the field of education were among the attendees.

The conference started with a presentation by a number of CADER Master Trainers. The presentation highlighted CADER's achievements throughout the past five years and the successes achieved in reforming and developing the field of education in Jordan and the Arab World, and the future visions and aspirations for the upcoming five years. During the conference, CADER announced developing three new academic programs offered by CADER in Jordan in cooperation with Yarmouk University and INHOLLAND University.

Afterwards, Dr. Amin ran a discussion that aimed at exploring new chances and horizons in the field of professional development and building competencies and capacities. The discussion also looked into new ideas that would help in upgrading and reforming the field of education making use of the experience of the Dutch universities and experts participating in the conference and building on the successful experience of CADER in catering to the needs of developing the field of education in the Arab world.

This conference comes on the sidelines of the six-month intensive training course carried out by local experts from CADER and Yarmouk University and by Dutch experts from INHOLLAND University and TU Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. This course aims at preparing and training the Master Trainers to be specialized in preparing and carrying out various professional development programs. The fifth batch of CADER Master Trainers joined CADER on Sep 5, 2009, and enjoy a broad experience in the field of education and training.  

CADER lists the names of its students and graduates awarded Queen Rania Award for Academic Excellence.


Five teachers, students and graduates of High Education Diploma: ICT in Education are among the winners of Queen Rania Award for Academic Excellence of 2009. The teachers belong to five directorates of education in Jordan, who were awarded prizes of different levels and different categories. 

On this occasion, CADER would like to extend its sincere and deepest congratulations to the teachers and wishes them progress and success throughout their lives. 


CADER joins the pioneer global network

CADER, ChangeAgent for Arab Development and Education Reform, has joined the global network of "Endeavor", a non- profit global initiative launched in 1997 to support investment in the emerging markets. CADER has become one of the seven distinguished Jordanian pioneers who joined a network of more than 441 entrepreneurs worldwide who have a high impact on promoting investment and successful projects around the world.

This came during the selection ceremony to choose a group of pioneer entrepreneurs by an international committee consisting of leading businessmen after launching "Endeavor Jordan" as an independent body to become one of the eleven Endeavor bodies in the world. This is the first time the international selection committee convenes in Jordan where participants in the event came from Middle East, Latin America and the United States.

Dr. Amin Amin, Vice Chairman and CEO of CADER, has been selected for the bold vision he possesses towards the future of his five-year-old company working in professional development and human capacity building. Moreover, CADER aspires to become the leading agent of education reform and development in Jordan and the Arab Region as well. 

CADER congratulates students nominated for Queen Rania’s Award

16 teachers out of 72, nominated for Queen Rania’s Award, are CADER’s High Education Diploma students or graduates. These teachers qualified for the finals and the field assessment for this year 2009. Worth mentioning, this Diploma is offered in cooperation with Yarmouk University and INHOLLAND University.

Furthermore, many graduates of High Education Diploma gained prizes at different levels in the last round of the Prize. Teacher Samar Shdeifat was one of them who won the first rank at level two.

CADER kicks off intensive Training for the Fifth batch of Master Trainers

After the success achieved by CADER during the past five years, internally and externally, the continuous development, and winning ERSP project in Jordan, CADER hired the fifth batch of Master Trainers who joined the work on the 1st of September. The new batch is highly qualified with different experiences in pedagogy and training. And to train them to become experts in developing professional development programs, CADER holds a six-month intensive training program in cooperation with experts from Jordan, Yarmouk University, and Netherlands, INHOLLAND and TU Delft universities. This training is intermediated by a visit to the Netherlands to examine its unique experience in integrating ICT in Education.

It is worth mentioning that this program is implemented by CADER in cooperation with its partners Creative Associates, Save the Children Federation (SC), Seward Inc., and EMI Systems. CADER implements, through this program, a series of professional development programs that target the in-service and pre-service teachers, supervisors and principles.

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