Tailor-Made Professional Development Programs

CADER's professional development programs come in response to the education reform and development plans in Jordan and the Arab region. As experts in professional development, we provide programs ranging from induction training, specialized in-service training, specialized subject matter classroom practices, leadership training for principals, school supervisors, and capacity building programs for counselors, students, and the local communities. Specifically, we provide training programs that target educators in their working environment in the schools. These programs target teachers' knowledge, skills, and attitudes, but most of all they enable teachers to adopt modern pedagogies and integrate them with ICT in the classroom. The programs focus on enabling teachers to be knowledge builders, life-long learners, problem solvers, planners, and good communicators.

Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of program design, implementation and operationincluding needs assessments, training curricula and materials, program delivery mechanism, training project planning and design, as well as overseeing development and implementation teams customizing programs to fit specific client needs.

Following is a sample of tailor-made professional development programs offered by CADER:

 1. Large-Scale Comprehensive Professional Development Programs

These large-scale comprehensive programs are usually undertaken by CADER in collaboration with governments, ministries, or national and international development organizations.

Such programs usually encompass shaping and institutionalizing educational reform policies and processes on a national or regional level.These are comprehension programs in the following terms:

  • - They focus not only on reforming the teaching and learning process, but they also target the work processes necessary for a school    to function as a unit such as strategic planning and creating collaborative school cultures.
  • - They target a wide spectrum of job roles in the education sector from ministry of education officials to supervisors, to principals and    teachers.
  • - They address general and specialized job competences such as the personal skills and the specialized professional skills needed for      job performance.

Among the large-scale comprehensive professional development programs CADER implemented the Education Reform Support Program (ERSP)that is funded by USAID. This professional development component supports the second phase of the Ministry’s Reform for the Knowledge Economy project (ERfKE) by building the capacity of a wide range of MOE educators from officials, to supervisors, to principals and teachers; in addition to building a system for the professional development of MOE body of educators; and the Jordan Schools Project (JSP schools) that is also funded by the USAID. It involves constructing about 28 new schools and renovating/extending an additional 100 schools throughout Jordanfollowing an innovative school building design that reflect the latest research findings on improving educational environments and learning outcomes.

 2. School-Based Professional Development Programs


CADER introduced the whole school capacity building model into Jordan.It is a comprehensive approach thatintegrates the efforts of all school stakeholders; the principal, the teachers, other school administrators, students and school community. The approach emphasizes the professional development of the whole school as an entity. It follows a change management approach that aims at creating new attitudes of learning and working. The model focuses on promoting educators’ planning skills, interpersonal skills, and project management skills, in addition to creating committed school teams to own the change process, institutionalize new practices and sustain them. It targets the school’s staff ways of learning, working and managing the school in order to improve the students’ achievement.

CADER has a track record of successful implementation of this model in several projects such as:

  • .  Towards a New School/ERSP
  • The Jordan Education Initiative/ (JEI) Project
  • The Madrasati Initiative Project
  • School that Learns
  • Saraya Aqaba Project: Towards an Active School   


  3. In-Service Teacher Professional Development Programs

These are practical pedagogical teacher professional development training programs that target the skills of teachers in their classrooms. They enable teachers tointegrate ICT with modern pedagogies in their classrooms, use authentic assessment and evaluation approaches, use subject specific teaching and learning methods, manage the learning and teaching process in their classrooms and motivate their students to learn. A main component of these programs is on the job implementation and institutionalization of the new practices in the daily work of the targeted school.CADER carried out a number of In-Service teacher training projects which varied in scope and size, most notably the ERSP In-Service program for teachers which consists of three stages, the ESP project with the USAID, ictQatar project the independent schools and Bethlehem project with higher education teachers.

   4. Teachers Induction Programs

These are programs that prepare teachers to enter the teaching profession. They encompass the teaching profession; its ethics and values, the teacher’s role in addition to competences required for the teacher in lesson planning and preparation, dealing with students and parents, classroom management as well as new ways of teaching and learning integrated with ICT tools and assessment and evaluation. Mentoring is an essential component of these programs to ensure providing ongoing school-based coaching and support for the newly-appointed teachers. CADER is the first and only company to develop and implement a comprehensive induction program as part of the ERSP.

   5. Leadership Programs

CADER’s leadership programs are especially tailored to meet the needs of education leaders such as principals, supervisors and field directors. The programs aim at empowering the target group with the needed competences to lead the process of change in their schools and directorates and manage resistance through creating a unified vision among all stakeholders. CADER has a track record of successful implementation of leadership programs with the ERSPleadership programs for principals and supervisorsand with ictQatar in addition to a new business sector Training: Young Leaders and Talented Followers in partnership with Perspectivity.

  6. Train the Trainer Professional Development Programs

CADER designs and implements various Train the Trainer programs. The overall goal of such programs is to create professional trainers in the education and development sectors that are able to carry out the training process on their own with the highest quality. CADER established itself in this field with its pioneering in-house capacity building Master Trainers Program that the company administers to prepare a team professional trainers who are capable of being changeagents® in the field. Among the TOT programs that CADER implemented are: the TOT for Education Reform Support Project (ERSP), the TOT for Towards a New School Attitude,and the UNICEF Professional Development Program.