Education Reform Consultationsand Policy Development

CADER’s leading experience in the field of education allows it to partake with ministries and educational bodies crafting policies and providing insights regarding educational reform and 21st century education.

As part of its undertaking of the Professional Development Component under Education reform Support Program (ERSP) CADER takes part with other educational stakeholders to develop Jordanian MOE’s Professional Development Framework, developing standards for principals and supervisors, and setting indicators linked to these standards and mapping all leadership programs to identify.

In addition to this, CADERis working closely with MOE on the design and implementation of a transition strategy for the transfer of the ERSP Professional Development Programs to the Ministry.

The transitioning plan interventions provide capacity building inputs over a two year period to a selected population of trainers, field directorate officers, and Central MOE staff.

Also, the UNESCO awarded CADER the Post 2015 Agenda Concept Note National Consultation on Education project.The project aims at drawing on a number of emerging international, regional and national trends and policy frameworks that may influence education policy priorities in Jordan beyond 2015 towards making education more relevant to workplace for youth. The consultation focused on three main themes: learners’ preparedness and relevance of their basic skills acquired during compulsory education; adequacy of pre-/in-service teacher training programs, delivery strategies and motivation schemes; and relevance of Jordanian curricula for 21stCentury and Knowledge Economy skills. The projects activities included the following:

1. Stock-tacking on EFA and MDG implementation process/experience in Jordan including a brief review of the status of achievements across relevant targets
2. Mapping of persistent or new emerging challenges, threats and opportunities to the Jordanian education system
3. National consultation for formulation of a Jordanian perspective on the Post-2015 Development Agenda framework (under patronage of Her Majesty the Queen Rania Al Abdullah II)
4. Post consultation media feedbacks collection

Thefinal report prepared by CADERhighlighted the major recommendations stemming from the review of literature, interviews and surveys, provided a set of structured key guiding questions seeking the inputs from participants in a national forum which was held on the 19thand 20thof February 2013. The participants comprised representatives of policymakers, executive technical officials, educational service providers including from private sector, key beneficiaries, employers, concerned groups such as youth groups, youth social media activists, civil society organizations, NGOs, columnists, parents from various parts of the country. The participants ultimately formulated a national perspective that Jordan will participate with in the Post-2015 Development Agenda framework.