Leadership Programs

CADER’s leadership programs are especially tailored to meet the needs of education leaders such as principals, supervisors and field directors. The programs aim at empowering the target group with the needed competences to lead the process of change in their schools and directorates and manage resistance through creating a unified vision among all stakeholders. CADER has a track record of successful implementation of leadership programs with the ERSP and with ictQatar.

New Business Sector Training: Young Leaders and Talented Followers

In partnership with Perspectivity, a Dutch Business Consultancy Group, CADER is in the process of designing and implementing an innovative program that targets the young leaders and talented followers in the business sector, the first of its kind in Jordan. Through the Embassy of The Netherlands in Jordan, CADER submitted a proposal to design and implement a unique training program in Jordan that aims at developing the certain competences of the business sector. CADER was awarded the funding for the program through The Netherlands Fellowship Programs (NFP) from Nuffic(The Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education). The program targets middle and upper management in companies or organizations. It emanates from CADER’s experience in the field of education which it reflected and customized to the business sector with the assistance of Perspectivity’s advanced expertise in the field of business leadership and entrepreneurship. The new program aims at developing managers' competences, skills and attitudes to enable them to lead and inspire their followers, develop their global awareness in addition to supporting leaders to meet the 21st century challenges of sustainability and innovation. The first phase of the program started in December 2012.

Principals and Supervisors Leadership programs/ERSP

CADER is implementing a modular leadership program that consists of three stages. It targets education leadership at the level of principals, supervisors and field directorate employees.The program aims at empowering the target group with the needed competences to lead the process of change in their schools and directorates and manage resistance through creating a unified vision among all stakeholders.It aims at building commitment among all trainees towards the process of change and their role in leading the process in their schools and directorates. The program includes a specialized module for principals,thatbuilds their capacities as visionary school leaders who lead teaching and learning improvement in their schools. It also includes a specialized training for supervisors who enable them to be mentors for the teachers.

School E-Leaders

This program was part of the Training for Middle and Secondary School Teachers in Qatar project which was implemented in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR). The program aimed at promoting the participating teachers’ educational leadership skills to be able to function as E-Leaders in their schools. The rationale underlying this training is creating School E-Leaders in each school as a first step in creating a nucleus for a community of practice. The role of these School E-leaders is to encourage their teacher colleagues and give them guidance and support in integrating ICT in their teaching. At the end of the program the participants started to lead school improvement teams, carry out action research with the aim of providing teachers with technology materials and activities that support their developing practices, assist colleagues to explore and try out new ideas, facilitate study groups, support new ways of learning and teaching and help lower the resistance and barriers to change that usually impede the adoption of technology tools in teaching.