Train the Trainer Professional Development Programs

CADER designs and implements various Train the Trainer programs. The overall goal of such programs is to create professional trainers in the education and development sectors that are able to carry out the training process on their own with the highest quality. CADER established itself in this field with its pioneering in-house capacity building Master Trainers Program that the company administers to prepare a team professional trainers who are capable of being changeagents® in the field.

TOT for Education Reform Support Project (ERSP)

As part of ERSP, a TOT program comes as the final training cycle and targets the distinguished teachers, supervisors and principals from the different programs in the ERSP. The program is divided into three main stages; formal training, shadowing and implementation. It aims at empowering teams of trainers from the Ministry of Education to implement the ERSP programs as part of the transitioning plan of the program into a national MOE Professional Development program. At the end of the ERSP project, we will have accredited and certified 444 MOE Trainers that are qualified to run ERSP program at the national level.

TOT for “Towards a New School Attitude”

“Towards a New School Attitude” is a pilot project implemented in partnership with Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) and Microsoft Partners in Learning in eight discovery schools with twelve participants from each school in addition to one intern from the JEI.This project is the first of its kind in Jordan and the region.

The TOT program for “Towards a New School Attitude” targeted the distinguished teachers who took the program. It aimed at empowering those teachers to become trainers and facilitators to carry out “Towards a New School Attitude” training program on a larger scale.

UNICEF Professional Development Program

CADER’s partnered with UNICEF in “Towards an Active Youth Participation in School Life” program in 2009. The program aims at empowering a core team of trainers from the Ministry of Education to undertake the implementation of the reinforcement and development of youth participation in school life project through the formation of student councils and PTAs. Twenty-five core trainers were prepared to train the teams at the directorates on a national level throughout the project. The training program hada distinguished implementation method that aimed at creating positive attitudes for the target group as well as providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their roles as trainers. The implementation method was based on learning by doing, in addition to creating communities of learning and practice among the participants. The method also included on-site support which was considered a fundamental part that distinguishesCADER's programs. The support was based on the coaching model and aims at transferring the impact of training to the trainers' field of work by means of providing them with assistance and support in their workplace in order to ensure the adoption of the new practices and institutionalizing them in their daily lives.