News 2015
CADER Hosts Dutch Expert for Tenth Batch Trainers

As part of CADER’s efforts that aim at developing the competences of their trainers and provide them with continuous learning opportunities, CADER hosted the Dutch expert Dr. Han Rakels who provided a one-week-training program for the tenth batch of trainers as part of their training program which lasts for six months. The Dutch expert focused in his training program on the latest globally-adopted-training methods and how to choose the suitable training method according to the situation and the target group. During the training, the tenth batch trainers designed micro-training-workshops employing modern training methods. Also, the "Perspectivity Game" was played by the team led by the Dutch expert. The game focuses on teamwork and opens up prospects for coaches to think about the consequences of decision-making and how to take decisions in a participatory manner.

CADER Appoints Tenth Batch of Master Trainers

A new batch (10th batch) of Master Trainers has joined the team of ChangeAgent for Arab development And Education Reform (CADER). Eighteen Master Trainers were recruited following a strict selection criteria. They all come from the educational field and hold various academic degrees from Ph.D., Master's, High Diploma, and Bachelor's.  The new trainers join the team of Master Trainers for the implementation of the company's projects, specifically the Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Initiative (RAMP) being implemented by the company in cooperation with the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and other national and foreign institutions. It is worth mentioning that the tenth batch of trainers will begin on a six-month-training period of in-house training that will enable the new team of Master Trainers to properly implement CADER's programs in the field.