Who We Are

"The Reason I have seen further is because I stood on the shoulders of giants." – Isaac Newton

Registered in Jordan since 2004, ChangeAgent® for Arab Development and Education Reform (CADER)is the leading Arab professional development company in the region. It is the coronation effort of a joint Arab-European study of the requirements for education reform and development in the Arab World. CADERis a distinguishedmodel of public private partnership between academia and business that forms a consortium of two diverse regional and local institutions, each of which is an expert in its own field. This consortium is comprised of FAL Holdings Arabia Company Ltd, a leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yarmouk University, a prominent public University in Jordan.

CADER’s core business is human capacity building in the Arab World through the provision of professional development services. CADER provides advancedlocalized training and professional development consulting services on a global scale that serve both the domestic and regionaleducational sectors. It brings a fresh and innovative approach to professional development services, acting as a liaison between schools and the world of entrepreneurship. Our goal is to empower a highly-skilled education workforce equipped with 21st century skills that enable educators to prepare a generation able to compete in the global economy. Through its training programs and consultations, CADER plays the role of a ChangeAgent® that aims at creating new professional standards. Our challenge is tobuild sustainable solutions and foster a deep and long lasting impact by offering flexible, tailor-made,practical professional developmentprograms,and greater value, thus optimizingtrainees’personal andprofessional growth and improving their competences.

Over the last years, CADER established itself in the field of professional development and mastered a model that contributes to its strength and to developing a wider outreach in other sectors since the model it follows forms the base for all capacity building measures.CADER’scompetence-based model is a locally-developed model that draws on international proven experiences in the field of education reform and professional development. What distinguishes CADER’s model most is its reliance on building knowledge rather than consuming it, providing solutions based on the needs of the workplace and its staff rather than ready-made ones, and promoting life-long learning skills.

CADER’s associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.