Learn by Yourself

This section contains a set of software that will help you to integrate information and communication technology in the classroom. Moreover, through this section, you will be able to learn the know-how of this software so as to be able to use it with your students in the classroom.

Educational Articles

In this section, teachers will find a collection of distinguished educational articles, which will enrich their knowledge in pedagogy and ICT tools. Teachers can share their own articles and articles found on the internet with other colleagues.

Reading Club

Every week, teachers will find in this corner a special book chosen by CADER Master Trainers through the "reading club" idea, which was developed by CADER Master Trainers. And to share this idea with all teachers, we developed this section. Teachers will also find books in different subjects; such as, education, technology, management, etc. Moreover, teachers can share their e-books from their own e-library.

Free software

A collection of free computer applications that will help teachers to integrate technology tools in the classroom. Therefore, we have chosen a collection of software related to developing thinking skills, simulation, mind maps, and e-examinations. Teachers can also share any software with other colleagues through this corner.

Activities Bank (Ice Breakers, In-Between, Starters)

A collection of presentations, videos, Flash files, and games designed to help students to think out of the box. You can use them at the beginning of the lessons, and in-between activities.
Our Starters, Ice Breakers, and in-betweens are suitable for various subjects in various levels. And you can share your collection with your colleagues through our bank.

Useful Links

Dear teacher, in this part you can find different English and Arabic URLs, that will help you in preparing internet –based lessons. These links are for different subjects as Arabic language, physics, chemistry, biology, religion ad other subjects. In addition, you will find a description for every link of what it provides.