Work at CADER

In a dynamic atmosphere filled with challenge, creativity and innovation, CADER started in 2005 in Jordan with soaring eyes towards being the ever innovative provider of world-class professional development services in the Arab Region to enable knowledge economy in the Arab World.

This vision requires high competences to achieve it. Hence, since its beginnings, CADER aimed at attracting highly competent individuals who are passionate about making real change and creating success in what they do. Educated, creative, committed and self-driven staff represents the caliber of employees CADER seeks to attract.

CADER fosters a simple communication mechanism that puts no barriers between the top management and employees.

Continuous learning, professional growth and creativity are cornerstones in CADER’s work culture. The interaction of CADER’s employees with CADER’s work culture determines and shapes the future of its business.

To learn more about CADER’s mission and work read about CADER.

Career Paths at CADER
Starting your career with CADER as a ChangeAgent employee who is eager to make a difference in own life as well as being determined to accelerate the growth of the company and add value to it means the future is yours at CADER and that the way is paved in front of you for success.

CADER is a rich land of opportunities that always encourages its employees to excel and wake the giant in them by offering them plenty of opportunities to star and draw their career paths the way they really deserve. CADER is committed to the professional development of its staff. Therefore, it provides its staff with ongoing professional development according to the latest methodologies and international standards. It encourages its employees to build on their competences and makes available the resources and support needed to do this.

Upon hiring Master Trainers, CADER provides them with a six-month full-time professional development program ChangeAgent Master Training Program. The program aims at creating ChangeAgents in professional development by promoting their different skills such as communication skills, meta cognitive skills, pedagogical skills, and leadership skills. The trainers are also trained on the basics of CADER’s work, CADER’s programs, processes and procedures. The entry level for the post of Master Trainer is Associate Master Trainer (AMT). During the training, the AMT enjoys a full-time position with full benefits. They work according to regions based on the company’s needs.

Joining CADER to work with an elite team that believes in change as the key to individuals’ development and improvement is certainly a reward by itself. In CADER the employees’ commitment is rewarded by the company’s commitment to its employees following the principle “the more you give the more you gain.” The company provides numerous benefits, such as health insurance, social security, transportation, bonuses, holidays and leaves, professional development and career growth.

Health Insurance
Contracting one of the best health insurance providers in Jordan, CADER arranges for first class health benefits that are subsidized up to 100% for the employee and 60% for the immediate family members. The health insurance covers main vision and dental services.

CADER reimburses the transportation expenses needed to carry out all job-related tasks.

Salary & Bonus
Your entry salary is offered to you in accordance to your experience, knowledge and qualifications. In addition to your regular monthly salary, CADER offers an annual increment and bonus. You are the only one who can define the amount of your increment and bonus that will be the normal reward for your achievements and excellence.

Career Growth
CADER encourages its employees to take initiative and to challenge themselves to further build their capacities and advance CADER’s work. The company’s business model is built on capacity building of employees; therefore, CADER believes in developing leaders and promoting from within. Upon joining CADER, you will be able to foresee your career growth plan. Furthermore, you can speed it up the way that meets your ambition and needs.

CADER considers its employees its human capital and does not hesitate to invest in them as much as needed. Upon joining CADER as a Master Trainer you undergo an advanced training program provided by CADER in collaboration with International partners. This program will have an impact on your personality as well as your professional competences. This training exposes you to the latest trends in education and professional development. It gives you the opportunity to meet professionals in their fields who will guide you throughout the training program. The program is fully covered and paid by CADER. In addition to this CADER provides regular in-house training and annual trainings on the hands of renowned experts in their fields.