CADER Culture

Cultivating a CADERIAN ChangeAgent Code of Honour In its search to present the best, CADER continuously seeks to strengthen itself more by keeping its ChangeAgents top notch and by refining and consolidating its internal systems of work and its internal structure.

To achieve this, this year CADER held a Future Search Conference entitled Cultivating a CADERIAN ChangeAgent Code of Honour. The purpose of this conference was for CADERIANs to jointly explore ways and means of strengthening and improving the internal culture of CADER which is its main asset to expand and participate in developing our big home “Jordan” and the whole Arab Region. The outcomes of this conference were a set of principles, rules, values and strategies for all CADER team members that ensure the overall future development and sustainability of CADER.
The event ran from August 24th till August 26th, 2008 in Movenpick Aqaba. The conference was a non-conventional type of workshops, with much interaction and dynamics in small groups, as well as in the ‘whole room.’ CADER staff gathered and analysed information and presented conclusions. They came up with a shared and compelling Code of Honour that defines CADER’s common ground and forms the foundation for CADER’s culture.

The workshop was guided by Dr. Han Rakels as a facilitator who is a professional in the education and facilitation techniques, the field of large group dynamics, Future Search and organisational development in the profit and public sector. His role was to assist CADER members to accomplish their task, and has no stake in the outcomes.
Code of Honour

Truly great organisations are guided by a set of unwavering principles and values that profoundly impact the way everyone in the organisation thinks and acts. Members flock together around these principles, which are enduring and authentic. They are core to the organisations’ character, its identity. They are the Code of Honour – deeply held beliefs – that inspire devotion and that people abide by courageously, even in the face of hard times. The CADER Code of Honour consists of our common ground and is the foundation for our company’s culture. It sustains CADER’s drive, stamina, and productivity. Cultivating it results into a unique style which makes all CADERIANs “flock together.”
A CADERIAN ChangeAgent shall:

… make continuous effort to be a self-reflector.
… be capable to give and receive constructive and motivational feedback.

… be responsible for own professional development in response to CADER’s needs.
… be a self-learner.

… be a positive thinker who focuses on strengths and appreciative efforts.
… own up to CADER’s vision, policies, possessions and successes as well as failures.

… be passionate about own work.
… communicate clearly, directly, honestly and respectfully.

… seek creativity in all CADER-related activities.
… be a team player and maintain a team spirit to achieve CADER’s aims and objectives.

… be an initiator who assumes responsibility for own initiatives.
… seek challenges and turn them into opportunities.

… be a flexible leader who practices what he preaches.
… commit to continuous quality improvement of CADER’s products and services.

… plan effectively own tasks and meet all deadlines.
… never give up.