“Designing a change process that will achieve specific change goals is a creative process.” CADER

With the acceleration of globalization, innovation is more and more seen as the tool for creating business value and opening new undiscovered horizons. In CADER, we are in a continuous quest to reinvent our business and competitive rules to always succeed in catering to the fast changing needs.

CADER innovation involves development of new ways of providing services, a new business model, business application of Information and Communication Technology, and new management techniques, in addition to the diversity in CADER’s team.

At CADER employees are our firm's most precious resources. They are CADER’s repository of knowledge and our company's competitive advantage. The diversity of our team is a key to its creativity and innovation. It is our leadership’s vision and role to provide a work environment of openness built on trust where every member of the team feels free to express own opinions and experiment with new ways and ideas. This work environment motivates and inspires our diverse knowledgeable team to utilize all its capacities and skills to convert ideas into constructive products and to come up with unique solutions.

We recognise that creativity and innovation are at the very heart of the emerging knowledge management since they are directly related to the process of creating and applying new knowledge. This is why the innovation theme recurs in all our professional development programmes to support individuals and organisations build their own competitive value.