Progress implacably requires change and learning is essential to change, for learning creates both new wants and the ability to satisfy them. CADER continually makes efforts to accomplish successful and significant change. It is inherent in our job. That makes the difference between firms that thrive in their roles and those that ultimately settle into a role where it is comfortable and profitable.

Every member of our team becomes a ChangeAgent. For us at CADER, the role of ChangeAgent is vital for the success of any change project that we undertake. We as CADER do not work completely separate from our clients. The moment that we begin to communicate with them, we begin to make a difference for we think of CADER ChangeAgents as an “instrument of change.”

Mastering the art of being a ChangeAgent takes purpose, passion and perseverance, but it is well rewarded in the sustainable effect we leave on people and in the field after the end of our intervention.

 “Make change happen!” We believe it is our responsibility to inspire and motivate the community to change and move towards a specific destination.