Large-Scale Comprehensive Professional Development Programs

These large-scale comprehensive programs are usually undertaken by CADER in collaboration with governments, ministries, or national and international development organizations ... Read More

School-Based Professional Development Programs

CADER introduced the whole school capacity building model into Jordan.It is a comprehensive approach thatintegrates the efforts of all school stakeholders; the principal, the teachers ... Read More

In-Service Teacher Professional Development Programs

These are practical pedagogical teacher professional development training programs that target the skills of teachers in their classrooms. They enable teachers tointegrate ICT with modern pedagogies in their classrooms ... Read More

Teachers Induction Programs 

These are programs that prepare teachers to enter the teaching profession. They encompass the teaching profession ... Read More 


Leadership Programs

CADER’s leadership programs are especially tailored to meet the needs of education leaders such as principals ... Read More

Train the Trainer Professional Development Programs

 CADER designs and implements various Train the Trainer programs. The overall goal of such programs is to create professional trainers in the education and development sectors that are able to carry out the training process on their own with the highest quality ...  Read More